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Cameras and Monitoring for Construction and Agriculture

Solar,Wind and Battery Powered Video and Monitoring Systems.

Wireless and Solar Powered systemsA complete range of Wireless and Solar Powered systems suitable for any situation
With recent advances in 3/4G, wireless and satellite technology, We have the ultimate solution for placing reliable, affordable and robust surveillance where you need it.

Our camera systems transmit wireless video up to 20 miles or by using the latest Satellite Broadband solutions we can give access anywhere in the world.
All our Systems are developed and designed for individual requirements.

Solar Motorway CCTV CamerasVuterra offer what is the total wireless solution, meaning not even a power supply is required for this system.
Your professional surveillance footage is recorded in real time from a location miles away that is convenient for you.
Our systems are solar powered and can have battery back up, eliminating the risk of any power failure.

Weather MonitoringUsing the latest technology for Monitoring ,Recording and Controlling. Vuterra can supply technology and communications systems that provide real-time relevant information that can be used for Construction Sites, Public Safety, Power and communication companies,Live Stock and crops, Weather and Sensor networks or for Tourist web cameras.

The alert system can email or SMS message when a situation arises - a failure of power or a temperature rise - We can configure the system to suit.
Communications can be Point to Point wireless 3G/4G,Satellite Broadband or a combination of these.

Powered by Solar,Wind, Battery or Fuel Cell these systems can be rapid deployed for any situation.

Built to suit your requirements the system can be used in day-to-day decision-making and project management to help clients manage and control their business.

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